Village Baking Company Opens on Greenville Ave May 14th


Clint Cooper and his wife Kim, owners of Village Baking Co., announce their second Boulangerie location will open to the public on Thursday, May 14th at 1921 Greenville Avenue in the bustling Lowest Greenville area of Dallas.

The new boulangerie, a quaint storefront inspired by the many visits to the Bordeaux French countryside and a hint of their Texas family farm, will be open daily from 7am-7pm.

Patrons that are familiar with the University Blvd location will be excited about the extended menu featuring rustic style sandwiches and additional veinnoisere and patisserie. The bakery has limited standing space inside and outside seating when the weather cooperates.  


Cooper says, “We chose this location because of the dense, mature neighborhood. Our hope is that people from the surrounding area will visit us in the morning and think about coming back on their way home from work to grab a warm crusty baguette. We will be baking on-site daily with warm baguettes crackling out of the oven made every few hours.”

Cooper takes traditional baking methods and puts a spin on it by slowing the fermentation process down; which adds more flavor and better texture. He continues, “The name Boulangerie above our door means we are very focused on yeasted products. In America, retail bakeries are larger scale, from wedding cakes to cookies, to cupcakes to donuts. The typical American bakery has a broader spectrum, but we are focused on bread and pastries.

Boulangerie by Village Baking Co. | 1921 Greenville Ave | 214.821.3477 

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