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Do Phony Restaurants Taste Better? (Contest)

by Steven Doyle

Time reminds us that restaurants have become ever more popular in television as in real life, so we decided to think of as many fake restaurants that we could come up with that have been featured on television or a movie.  For the older crowd maybe the first you can think of was when Aunt Bee pulled out $400 from savings to open Bee’s Restaurant on the Andy Griffith Show.  Or a few generations later perhaps Arnold’s Drive In run by the future Mr. Miyagi on Happy Days.

Whatever your age or proclivity for television, we can almost bet that there is a fake restaurant in the midst.  Are we right Jerry Seinfeld (Monk’s)?

One of the more prolific programs with fake eateries can be found on  The Simpson’s who have fun making up a new name almost weekly.  Do you remember The Texas Cheesecake Depository or Prof. VJ Cornucopia’s Fantastic Foodmagorium & Great American Steakery?  What about Griddler on the Roof or General Chang’s Taco Italiano?

The kids might enjoy a visit to SpongeBob’s Krusty Krab or Chum Bucket, while the adult in you may prefer Friend’s Central Perk.  If you were a 90210 fan you might remember the Peach Pit.

Here is a list of others you might have forgotten.  What are some of your TV or movie favorites?

City Wok – Chinese restaurant from South Park
Captain Hook’s Fish and Chips – Fast Times at Ridgemont High
The Prancing Pony – The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring
Native American Ice Cream (Formerly Big Chief Crazy Cone) – The Simpsons
Skip Church Bistro – Arrested Development
McDowell’s – fast food restaurant in Coming to America
Guadalajara Brown Drip Gourmet Coffee – Futurama
Tip Top Cafe – Groundhog Day
Al’s Pancake World – Gilmore Girls
Tacos Tacos Tacos Tacos – Reno 911!
Mooby’s – Dogma
Luly’s – King of the Hill
Jackrabbit Slim’s – Pulp Fiction
Flingers – Office Space
The Egg and We – Vladimir Nabokov’s novel Pnin
Der Waffle Haus – reaper hangout in Dead Like Me
Chez Quis – Ferris Bueller’s Day Off
Big Kahuna Burger – Pulp Fiction
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