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Summer Loving From CraveDFW

kid cooks

by Steven Doyle

CraveDFW loves you. This summer things will get a bit hectic, but keep your eye on your favorite website that provides you with rich information on the Dallas food scene. We will be integrating more activities in the DFW area in coming weeks, plus adding more interviews and fun new features with guest writers and staffers. Plus we just added a new intern for you to meet that will have a fresh perspective on what to do in Dallas.  

We are also bringing back our $100 Date column by Mike Marrero, which was extremely popular last summer. In addition, we are also currently working on several series including  special Dallas Staycation write ups.

Besides the sizzling fresh outlook on the dining and entertainment scene we will be offering more fun and games with Crave Happy Hours, a special underground dinner or two, more give-a-ways including a special fun prize for those can can find me in the city when we send out an alert via our Facebook or Twitter page.

Stick around with craveDFW and have a great summer!


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