Al’s Italian Beef For a Taste of Chicago

als1by Nancy Boyce

The long waited tastes from back home of Chicago has arrived this year with Al’s Italian Beef in Dallas and the newly opened Gino’s East pizzeria in Arlington. I was the very first customer at Al’s Italian Beef when it opened in February. First bite of the true Chicago dreams to get that taste in their mouths again from back home right in their backyards here in Dallas-Fort Worth.

Al’s Italian beef proved to Texas how many Chicagoans miss their favorites when they ran out of food the very first week in February. Folks coming in from all over the metroplex and buying everything they could, cooked or not, I was told. They just bought all the tamales right from the freezer.  

The Italian Beefs, The Chicago Dogs are so missed by anyone who has moved away. I ordered Al’s Regular Italian Beef-wet with sweet peppers- Delicious. I had to go back and get a Chili Cheese dog with da fries, also that was great.

Pretty much the Italian Beef is a must order every time here. As a Chicagoan in DFW it hits the mark for all of us for these two staples to open in DFW, including Rosati’s. Driving from all over to get that delicious feeling from back home. Gino’s East a mighty staple from Chicago brings the back home aroma to feel comfortable having your utensils ready to dig in to the real deal pizza pie and Italian Beef sandwiches. Amazing menu with Chicago style food at both establishments I want to order more than I can chew.

Even the Texans are excited to try it. Rosati’s was the very first Chicago pizza to open in DFW with other good places in the Metroplex that do a terrific job of making the foods we miss like the Taste of Chicago in Addison. There are like a gazillion transplants from Chicago out here now which what I call “Texicago” Keep coming down we love it all!

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