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Horseshoe Hill Fulfills Chicken Fried Dreams

HorseshoeHill003by Trey Moran

The wait is finally over for the newest spot for local boy Grady Spears. Horseshoe Hill is open for business. Currently the hours will be 11am until 10pm. Please take note that it’s a small place and only seats about 30 people but patio is in the works for additional seating. The atmosphere here is very casual and you only are steps away from all the things the Stockyards have to offer.  

You can order chicken fried steak 5 different ways (Spears uses ribeye and not cube steak), dry aged ribeye, tamales, calf fries by the half dozen or dozen, biscuits and gravy and various southern and Texas style side dishes that will surely fill your belly to max capacity. Horseshoe Hill is also beer and wine only. After having a sample of the steak, chicken fried steaks and rellenos, I can attest that Spears is on his game in the kitchen.

This is Texas comfort food at its best.

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