McFadden’s Addison Closed

mcfaddensby Steven Doyle

The Irish Goodbye is truly the best exit strategy. This is where you simply vanish into the night quietly, possibly with a select bottle in hand. No need for long chats of regret and confusing excuses about leaving the iron on or babysitters (we know you have no children). ¬†This is what Addison’s McFadden’s did for us last night as they abruptly shuttered after three and a half years. ¬†

Rumors of their demise have been in circulation for sometime. Perhaps this is why they closed. After a year of rumors they actually started to believe what they have been hearing.

From one Irishman to another, we wish you a fond adieu, McFadden’s. We will never forget the night we watched the midget wrestling match in horror at your bar.

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  1. Steven Doyle, enjoyed your obit of McFadden’s more than I ever would’ve enjoyed a night at McFadden’s.

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