Greenville Avenue Pizza Company Celebrating 8 Years of Pie

DSC08525by Steven Doyle

Pizza is big business in Dallas, as it is across the country. This is something that Sammy and Molly Mandell, owners of Greenville Avenue Pizza Company are all too familiar with. They have taken their small pizza concern started eight years ago and taken it to be one of the top producing restaurants of its kind in the nation. From the looks of the building, which stood the test of time through renovation and gentrification of the lowest Greenville area which is now engulfed in some seriously good restaurants now, you wouldn’t know that they have over fifty employees and sell a ton of dough each year. Well, more than a ton.  



Open all day, you will see the GAPC delivery cars buzzing all around the East Dallas neighborhoods, often past three in the morning. They are delivering pizza, wings, top notch salads and more to hungry inhabitants looking for a little pizza relief.

How does a twenty-four year old kid end up owning a pizzeria? Mandell was in the ATM business before he opened GAPC, owning most of the machines up and down Greenville, and noticed the lack of pizza in the area. Through his desire for a pie a business was born. He never looked back.

The Mandell’s take particular pride in their product, making everything from the sauce and toppings, to the wings and their dressing from scratch. Everything is delivered in the raw, and goes out wholesome and delicious. This is a rare commodity among pizza makers who can easily spread pre-made sauce, and sprinkle on canned mushrooms to pizzas with very little thought. That method often passes, but not with the GAPC customers who are spoiled with an excellent product.


The pizzas are especially good, but with the addition of a sprinkling of “pizza crack”, a house-made condiment that has in the past been chained to the tables because the canisters have been purloined so regularly. The seasoning has been so popular that the Mandell’s trademarked the name and have it available for sale at the counter.

Whether you take out, dine in, or use the late night walk up window, Greenville Avenue Pizza Company has the taste of success. So does their heavily nominated meatball sub.

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