Win Our Prize Pack For The 2015 Addison Oktoberfest

Oktoberfestby Steven Doyle

Each year we celebrate the Addison Oktoberfest in style and this year you may join us. Check out the Ultimate Guide for this festival which runs September 17-20 and is sure to bring you a bit of Deutschland happiness.

We are offering one lucky guest a special package which includes (4) event tickets, (2) 1 liter Paulaner steins, (2) Paulaner t-shirts for a total value of $120. 

Make a comment below for your chance to win. We well select our prize winner at random Wednesday, Spectember 16th before 5pm. We choose our winners at random.

Viel Erfolg!


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38 responses to “Win Our Prize Pack For The 2015 Addison Oktoberfest

  1. Richard Smith

    Pick me

  2. Andres

    Well, my wife and I are brand spanking new to the DFW area (moved at the beginning of the month from Florida. So it would be pretty awesome to win a prize like this and go see some of the fun the area has to offer!

  3. Jeff Kincannon

    My wife and I have been several times, in the past, but have not been able to go the last few years. It’s a lot of fun and we’d like to be able to go this year.

  4. Martin

    Love the Oktoberfest. Wurst muss halt scho sei.

  5. colin Nickerson


  6. Steven

    I want to win.

  7. Chris Guerra

    So ready for Oktoberfest!!!!!!

  8. JR Best

    Oktoberfest is amazing and have only been once in the past 10 years. Could really use the awesome package. Thanks!

  9. Jordan Beckner

    Skillet potatoes!!!

  10. JJFoodie

    Ich bin ein Berliner…I am a Jelly Donut!

  11. Melissa

    Pick me!

  12. Will K.

    I would be so stoked to go to this! Ein Bier bitte!

  13. Andrew Kelley

    ich bin ein berliner

  14. Nur Mut! And I have a German name! And I can polka!

  15. mmmmmmm beer.

  16. Time to belly up to the bar at The Wine Garden!

  17. Hope Cichra

    This will be my mom & brothers 1st visit. I can’t wait to show them everything (twice!)

  18. Lindsay

    Me! Me! Me!

  19. TColeman

    Never made it out to this event, but this seems like a great year to start!

  20. Jennifer keeney


  21. Quincy Golson

    I have entered the drawing.

  22. Lucky

    Thanks in advance.

  23. CLenn

    We would love to go this year and not get rained out! Twas fun but with my mother in town, this would be nice!

  24. Blake Reed


  25. Dana Cobb

    Our Family would LOOOOOVE to go!

  26. Terri Marquess

    My husband and I have volunteered for Oktoberfest through Prestonwood Rotary for years taking tickets at the front gate. It would be a wonderful experience to win and be treated as a guest.

  27. Wesley Murack

    awesome! Cool promotion!

  28. Skippy

    Where can you get beer in Addison?

  29. steven sarwi

    Please PICK ME for this cool prize !!!!

  30. Sarah

    If my spouse won’t take me to Germany for the event, the least he can do is take me to Addison.

  31. Hayley Z

    Absolutely LOVE Oktoberfest and are excited for a fun-filled event this year – pick me!!

  32. kathy

    Me me me me meeeeeeeeeeeeee!

  33. Alison

    We adopted our dog, Bentley, 6 years ago from Oktoberfest! The 1st thing he did after we adopted him…he went up to some random people, they knelt down to pet him and he drank out of their stein! Ha. I think you’ve got your random winner right here! Cheers!

  34. Andrew is our winner!

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