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Cody Sharp Guest Chefs at Braindead

codyby Jennifer Thomas

Braindead will be putting on the second in a series of Chef Collaboration Dinners September 21st at 7pm. Tickets are $80 and must be secured by following this link  to guarantee your seat. This round the Collaboration Chef will be Cody Sharp, formally of Standard Pour and more recently as Matt McAllister’s right-hand man at Filament which will soon open in Deep Ellum restaurant directly across from Braindead on Main Street.

Chef Sharp has worked at some of the best restaurants in the city, and loves doing the unexpected when it comes to life and food. It was fun hearing the interesting offerings he has imagined.

Frog legs: Blue Cheese, Pickled Celery
Elote: Chipotle, Lime,
Tots: Nacho Cheese
Thai Basil, Roast Beets, Szechuan Peppercorn, Bi-Catch
Charred Leek, Crème Fraiche, Pecorino Romano
Roasted Quail, Oat Risotto, Bitter Greens, Fig Preserves
Dry-Aged Berkshire Tomahawk Rack, Hatch Chili Gratin, Jams and Preserves
Smoked Sweet Potato, Bourbon Ice Cream, Spent Grain Granola, Star-Anise Marshmallow

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