Katherine Clapner Wants to Marry You

DSC09026by Steven Doyle

This past weekend Dude, Sweet Chocolate owner Katherine Clapner wanted to do something special for her customers. She wanted to get them all hitched. It is such a sweet thing, of course. Her plan was that one of her Greenville Avenue location employees, Austin Keeler, (who just became ordained to perform marriages) to do just that at that location.

“It started the day that same sex marriages became legal. We  run the full scope [of sexuality] within our staff. This opens up the door for equality all over the place. It was a big deal and a huge victory for members of the Dude, Sweet community,” said Clapner.



“It started with just a simple sign. It was a great looking sign that said we would perform marriages that Austin made. And the reaction just went crazy. So I thought what the hell. If you were in town for Pride Weekend and had a license, we would perform your marriage. You know, it is not just that it is legal now, but some people are still not being allowed to be married”.

So it was, and her thinking was that if a couple did not wish to go into a court house where they might be met with a conservative that may not wish to perform the service, Dude, Sweet would. Clapner and her staff decorated the Greenville Avenue store, and made a boozy punch, and opened her doors for whoever might walk in to take her up on her sweet offering.

The response was outrageous and ran the gamut of  “congratulations” to a few nasty comments by those opposed to the new positive Supreme Court ruling on same sex marriage.


“It was never meant to be anything more than if you want to, we can do it,” finished Clapner.

And so the big day hit. While there were no actual same sex marriages, one couple did take Clapner up on her offer and were married in a chocolate shop last Saturday.  She now says that this will be an ongoing offer. If you have your license and give Dude, Sweet Chocolate at least a day’s notice they will perform the ceremony and offer you a reception.

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