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Eat Me: Kelly’s Reuben At Plano’s Kelly’s Eastside

reubenby Steven Doyle

There are some pretty tasty dining options in downtown Plano as I found out last night, beboppin’ in an out of more than a few last night. One such choice landed us at a spot called Kelly’s Eastside for one of the tastiest sandwiches we have sample in a some time. Perusing the menu, and after sampling the extremely rich crab artichoke dip, we left the selection to our bartender. We were up in the air about a burger or a sandwich. We are always on the hunt for the next best burger, so there is always that bent. And when ordering a burger we generally get it as close to plain as possible for two reasons. First, it just looks better in a photo. And second, you are able to actually taste the burger with out the addition of giant shards of avocado, or spilling in chili. 

Our bartender was more hell-bent on us trying out a few of the sandwiches. Normally we would just order all of the above, but we had already swept through a few places in the downtown area, including Lockhart and ZaLat. Then there was that super rich crab dip thing we just polished off.

We went through with the Russian Roulette of ordering, and asked for dealers choice.

What we were presented with was the Kelly’s Reuben, a thick sandwich laden with slices of brisket and Cole slaw pressed between three slices of toasted rye bread with pepper Jack cheese and a dose of 1000 Island. Perhaps Kelly’s took liberty with the term “Reuben”, and they did, but it was certainly a delicious sandwich, and well worth doing some beboppin’ of your own when carousing in downtown Plano – after you had a few ribs at Lockhart, and shared a bowl of pho.

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