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Meat Fight Rescue: 7 Meaty Alternatives

by Steven Doyle

Meat Fight is upon us, and it would seem every decent barbecue Generalísimo will be either working or judging the event this Sunday. You know you didn’t get a ticket, we didn’t either. Our fingers are just not fast enough to score a ticket as they sell out extremely fast. Regardless, it is a fantastic event that started as a small backyard brouhaha to raise a few bucks for National MS Society by the Observer James Beard award winning writer and Cheap Bastard, Alice Laussade. The event has raised $170,ooo since its grass roots inception for this cause. What makes Meat Fight even better is that 100% of funds raised goes to the MS research to eradicate the disease.

We know you are kicking yourself for not securing a ticket in a timely manner. Who wants to miss out on all that meatiness? We have some resolve for you. We have a list of what to do if you didn’t score a Meat Fight ticket.  

Check in to Lockhart Smokehouse. This fine, smoky barbecue establishment supports Meat Fight and is open all day Sunday. With two locations, one in Plano and the original in Bishop Arts, this is a fine alternative to enjoying the festivities. We suggest grabbing a few pounds of meat to share with a few friends and have a your own event in your car.

Baker’s Ribs is open Sunday as well and they have some very meaty fried pies. That’s right, fried brisket pies. Now you have a small handheld Meat Fight of your very own. Only a few locations carry the pies, so we suggest the location on Main in Deep Ellum.

The half pig head at CBD Provisions located on the first level at the Joule Hotel downtown is a massive hunk of meat. No need for a lot of fighting when there is so much to share. This head comes with a large amount of homemade tortillas and an interesting slew of sauces. While there also pick up a pig ear salad.

Kuby’s European Market located in Snider Plaza across from SMU has every sort of house-made sausage you could possibly imagine. You may packe these to take home to enjoy, or dine in the restaurant where all the selections are available prepared with some tasty sides. And beer.

North Main BBQ is an institution of Euless, Texas that serves up a buffet of barbecue. All the meats you could possibly desire from brisket to chicken await your belly, and as much as you could possibly pack in before the dreaded meat sweats take over.  This is the home of the armadillo smoker.

Pecan Lodge is one of the very best BBQ haunts on the planet. Take advantage of their slim Sunday hours from 11am to 3pm (or until sold out).  While enjoying a massive Flintstone sized beef rib, also check out their fried chicken. It is some of the best you will ever sample.

Knife has more meat than any restaurant around. From the bacon sampler (oh lawdy), to the 240 Day Dry Aged 103 Niman Ranch Rib Eye that is sold by the inch. There is nothinmg lacking on this menu. Beef, beef, beef. And a pig head to boot. Oh, and bacon crusted bone marrow with caviar. And Bacon Jam Sloppy Joes. Oh the list is far too long.

And the last suggestion for a Meat Fight alternative would be to host your very own in your backyard. Charge admission and donate the proceeds to the National MS Society in the name of Meat Fight.

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