Shuttered: Sfuzzi Dallas and Le Taco

tacoby Steven Doyle

Sfuzzi in Uptown and Le Taco are both closed.

Sfuzzi seemed to have a difficult time reinventing itself and blew through a handful of chefs quickly, including Avner Samuels. Le Taco, which was once Scotch and Sausage, also had an identity crisis. Oddly enough  Scotch and Sausage was a fantastic concept and put out a great product, as did Le Taco.  No doubt it was a matter of finding its audience that took down the taco restaurant. 

We will definitely miss the lump crab tostada and the Benedict taco.

Look for a night club to set up shop in the Le Taco space at 2808 Oak Lawn in the coming weeks.

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