A Visit To Polk-A-Dot Bakery

by Steven Doyle

I had a chance to stop into the Polk-A-Dot Bakery this weekend and found some pretty marvelous goods being offered at this one year old business. The very quaint bakery is located in Addison Circle served breakfast and lunch, but is open most nights until 9pm, offering their guests spectacular coffees and free wifi on into the night.

The new owner Nicole Margulies can be found tending to details and a certain happiness quotient exudes as her patrons snapped up all the fresh cookies, brownies and cupcakes she has to offer.    

Besides the de rigueur pastry selection you can also find interesting sandwiches and quiches. On the day we stopped in we found these cute little poppable baked eggs wrapped in a strip of crispy bacon that made for a perfect few bites without a carb-laden crust.

Interesting sandwich choices include a Portobello with Spinach, Red Peppers, Zucchini, and Red Onion (6.95), and the Brie, Apple, and Turkey with Apple Butter (6.95) both baked on fantastic bread. All the sandwiches are available in halves as well.

Besides all the edibles there are a few interesting beers and wines on the menu. Delivery will soon be an option.

Polk-A-Dot Bakery
15615 Quorum Drive, Addison

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