RG Burger in Denton Grills a Solid Burger


by  Constance Hernandez

Just off the beaten path of Interstate 35E, and among the maze of construction, you’ll find Denton, TX. And in that labyrinth of cones and temporary exits, you’ll find a hole in the wall. Not just any hole. RG Burgers and Grill. The small dwelling is home to a quaint array of backyard style half pound burgers, chicken sandwiches, and deli style “Nathan’s Famous” hot dogs.  

For my burger investigation purposes, I stuck to the Brunch Burger. Since it started at only $8.95 with a side of hand cut steak fries, I figured it was only right to splurge on a beer as well. I actually ordered a simple Shiner Bock to pair with the medium-rare to glorify the cheddar cheese, thick cut maple bacon, and a naughty fried egg.

The burger looked great, but unfortunately it was overcooked. It was more well-done on the inside than a medium-rare. The patty still had a nice char flavor and there’s something comforting about egg yolk on a burger. Even more so when the place doesn’t try to cutesy it up with “special sauce”.


Nothing too fancy here, this was just a good, good ol’ fashioned burger with shredded lettuce, red onions, tomatoes and some great bacon, and bottomless house cut steak fries. Even without knowing which ranch the beef came from or where the sourdough bread was baked, there was something distinctly craveable about this burger. So much so that I had to go back the next day and have it again. On my second trip I stripped the burger down to its bare essentials: bun, beef, cheese, bacon, onions. I kept the mayo and ketchup, but nixed the lettuce and tomato and the burger got even better.

They also served it a nice medium rare on the second go around. That, plus the sideshow of a patron attempting the “King Kong challenge” made for a memorable burgering experience.

 Constance Herndadez is chef/owner of 18 Carrots Personal Chef & Catering

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