When in Austin…Conan’s Pizza

by Robert Bostick
Driving South on IH-35 the conversation turned to what eats to get once hitting Austin city limits, and there was no question it would be Conan’s Pizza.  We have a long history with Conan’s; my wife remembers her childhood afternoons after a softball game with her family, and my late night conversations with  friends over a pitcher of Shiner and brief employment there. When my wife and I met we often made use of the cozy pod-like booths to talk about future ambitions, dreams of days past, and of course there was that fabulous pizza they make.

Walking  in  was like going back in time.  Virtually nothing had changed; same 70’s era paneling and competent Frank Frazetta reproductions abound. Even the kitchen had the same oven I manned in 1988.  We glide up to the counter and order a Savage, the flagship deep-dish pizza that put Conan’s on the map back in 1976.  To compensate for the Savage’s heroic meat content  we also opted for the Caesar salad and wheat crust.  The wife considered getting some wings but the kind man behind the counter offered the opinion that the wings were just ordinary and wouldn’t suggest them (odd I know, but endearing) so we went with a pitcher of Shiner instead.

The Savage is pure Chicago style deep dish with sausage, hamburger, pepperoni, green peppers, onions, mushrooms, black olives, jalapenos and anchovies.  Dough and sauce are made fresh every day and the ingredients are mostly local.  The cheese is piled high the sauce ladled thick and every pizza is slow cooked to perfection in a rotating oven.   Of course being located in Austin there are plenty of vegetarian options with toppings that include daiya Vegan cheese, spinach and artichoke.  The salads are also special with fresh produce procured daily and served in generous portions.

So if you pass through Austin do yourself a favor and drop into the best pizza joint in Travis County and get a Savage slice at Conan’s.

NEXT STOP:  San Antonio!


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  1. in San Antone eat at Bistro Vatel ://www.bistrovatel.com/, come back on 281 (forget I-35); stop for some jerky at Whitington’s in Johnson City http://www.whittingtonsjerky.com/, after that buy some peaches on the roadside just north of J city, and then just before crossing the creek into Lampassas stop for Firehouse BBQ on the right. http://fcg-bbq.blogspot.com/2010/10/harts-firehouse-bbq.html

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