First Sunday Soiree at Industry Alley Featuring Justin Holt


Dallas, Texas- March 6, 2016- Holt to be featured in Industry Alley’s Sunday Soiree Pop-Up on Sunday, March 6th, serving Izakaya inspired food and cocktails starting at 8pm.

On the first Sunday of each month Industry Alley Bar will host different chefs from all around the DFW metroplex. On March 6, acclaimed Pop-Up Chef Justin Holt will be featuring a small sample of his take on late-night-Izakaya Style Food with featured cocktails reflecting Izakaya traditions.

Izakayas can be equated to gastro pubs and beirgardens of the west. Izakaya style dining is casual with delicious bites that encourage camaraderie and cocktails. Holt will be featuring a late night style menu in which the dining options grow heartier as the hours get later.

Holt’s Yakitori (chicken provided by Holleman Farms) will be served from the konro (a special Japanese grill) to turn out some tasty skewered meats. He will also be serving Ramen and Battleship curry, The newest addition to Holt’s line up. Industry Alley’s bar staff is also creating a special cocktail menu with interactive Izakaya style drinks for the event.


Ramen will be $10 a bowl, Yakitori Skewers will cost $2, and a hearty bowl of Battleship Curry will be sold for $5, this is a cash only event.

“I am excited to see how the First Sunday Soirees start to shape up,” says Holt, “I have always been a big believer in the idea of Pop-Ups and the freedom and experimentation the forum allows chefs.”Proprietor Charlie Papaceno comments, “I wanted to create an opportunity for Chefs and Guests to have a unique experience outside their normal environments. It’s my intention to have the best Chefs in Dallas creating in a fun casual atmosphere where guests can have the opportunity to eat their food in that same fun casual atmosphere once a month.”

Holt will feature his signature Ramen, Yakitori, and Battleship Curry at Industry Alley* on March 6 starting at 8pm- until all of the bowls are empty and the last skewer is passed. You can snag ramen for  $10 cash, some curry for $5, and a skewer for $2.

People are encouraged to come early, as it is common for Holt’s events to sell out within an hour or so.

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