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gen2by Timothy Pham

With various all-you-can-eat Korean barbecue places in the DFW area, LA-based, Gen Korean BBQ House is the newest iteration to open up. Located off of Old Denton and I-35 up in Carrolton diagonally from Ranch 99 and across the highway from H-mart.

Gen brings to DFW its LA flair of modern design and flavoring. Upon walking into the restaurant you’re greeted with the delicious aroma of grilled meat and pleasing view of a restaurant that is well lit with a cool blue glow. The wait can be a bit daunting even during the week, be prepared to wait at least thirty minutes to an hour, I’ve been told that on the weekends it can be up to a two hour wait.  


While waiting you can saddle up to the bar and enjoy a few local beers, wine, sake or soju, if you prefer, there are limited numbers of seat at the bar for those that enjoy dining on their own or with just a friend. However, this time around I took some family members so we opted for a booth.

While waiting we looked through the menu deciding upon what we would like to start off with, the menu included over thirty-six items to choose from, it took a minute to decide. When the hostess called our name we started our way to the booth at which point we were asked if it was our first time, that there is a two hour limit on eating and a maximum of four orders at any given time.



The first of four orders included Hangjungsal, pork cheeks, Nook Gan Sal, marinated finger short ribs, Samgyubsal, pork belly, and Gen Signature Yangyum Galbi, marinated bone-in short rib. Within minutes the meats arrived and the grilling commenced. The sound of the sizzling and the aroma soon wafted up to our nose, the first bite of the Nook Gan Sal, reminded me of why I enjoyed Korean barbecue, the meat was tender and bursting with umami and flavor.

The second bite was Hangjungsal, tender, juicy, pig jowl with a peppery flavor with a deliciously strong pork flavor. The Samgyubsal, was thick and mouthwatering, sizzling on the grill and cooked until the fat was nice and crispy. The waitress came back soon after and asked for our next order, so we went with Cajun Shrimp, Spicy Calamari, Calamari Steak and Woo Beasal, beef belly. I also ordered a Soondooboo, a spicy tofu stew with vegetables and baby shrimps; there are a few other items that come from the kitchen ranging from Spicy rice cake to Jap Chae.


Our bellies full, all that was left was to pay for the meal. Considering how much we ate and the quality paying only $24.99 per person for dinner was a great deal. For even better price come for lunch, its only $14.99 however, there are only twenty-eight items instead of the full thirty-six for dinner. Dessert is extra, at around $3.89 per macaron ice cream sandwiches.

Gen Korean BBQ House | 2540 Old Denton, Carrollton | 469.892.5669

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