The Ultimate DFW (and Beyond) Chicken Fried Steak List

babesby Steven Doyle                                                  Babe’s CFS

Today is a day of celebration and joy as we mark the very first official Texas Chicken Fried Steak Day. The day’s founder, Jeffrey Yarbrough, said on this auspicious occasion, “I am honored to have worked closely with restaurateurs Tom Perini and Ralph Sheffield to elevate this savory southern dish that reflects our state history. Besides my wife and kids as the loves of my life, creating the official Texas Chicken Fried Steak Day has been a dream come true and makes me so proud to be a Texan.”  

We detailed the storied history of the special occasion earlier today, and now we offer a few sizzling hot CFS plates and our personal recommendations for our favorites around the DFW area. Earlier this week we polled many chefs in the DFW area and unanimously they agreed that Babes Chicken Dinner House was their favorite. This is coming from the likes of Kent Rathbun, Jon Bonnell and many more. 

We compiled a list of our favorites, so consider this a bucket list of Chicken Fried Steak. For those playing along at home and wish to make this a drinking game, take a shot each time you see “Chicken Fried Steak” or “CFS”. Take a double drink if you find the word “double-fister”. Makes things a bit more fun.  As Chef Mo Assi said to us today, “eat responsibly”.

allgood cafeAllgood’s CFS, the most stolen photgraph we have taken

Allgood Café: The Deep Ellum Mecca of CFS offers their steak fashioned from tenderloin simple with a side of mashed and a choice of fresh veggie. Possibly the best in DFW hands down.


Coffee House Cafe: Who doesn’t love a good chicken fried steak and eggs? This CFS is house-made with a slab of sirloin for extra beefy flavor. Drop in any time today for their buy one get one free offer. Tell ’em we sent you.


Stampede 66: For those wishing to upscale their celebration, Stephan Pyles lays it on thick and quite pretty. This is so good you will want to take your mother-in-law with you.


Julia Pearl: The newest venture in Southern Cuisine offers a delicious taste of the old west with their CFS.


Jonathon’s: This Oak Cliff eatery not only makes a tasty Chicken Fried Steak, but it also comes with a set of egs that you may order all day. Nothing better than a CFS for breakfast to get you going.


Matt’s Rancho Martinez: A great Chicken Fried Steak in a Mexican environment. Something for everyone. And if you wish, swap out the gravy and do it Bob’s Style with their famous queso. The Tueaday lunch special is served topped with chili.


Social House: Serving a particularly good CFS, Social House is offering their 21-day aged cutlet served with mashed potatoes, green beans & peppered gravy today with a discount of $3 off. – served from 4 pm – 2 am.


Mama’s Daughters Diner: If you haven’t tried this ethereal version of CFS you are missing out. Best served with a side of eggs and loads of gravy.


Celebration: Celebrating 40 years of good luck and great CFS, this version is palate pleasing and the most requested menu item for the restaurant. Superior eats.


Raven’s Grille: This rates high on our hit list for CFS in DFW. The tiny clubhouse at the Texas Star Golf Course in Euless hosts one of the better chicken fried steaks around. The steak is so large it literally hangs off the plate. At $9.95 this is a bargain that could be tackled by a pair of willing souls.


Old Mill Inn: The iconoclastic restaurant nestled on its perch in Fair Park is the often forgotten blast from the past that serves a fine CFS in old world surroundings. No lines, no wait.


Fred’s Cafe: in Fort Worth is deserving of a drive from anywhere in the DFW area. Try their massive CFS made with patented sourdough batter smothered with plenty of cream gravy.


Cat City Grill: A huge chicken fried steak with a light breading and pepper gravy just like mom made.


Horseshoe Hill: We made plenty of squawk over this CFS today on craveDFW for many reasons. The main reason is that Horseshoe offers many versions with interesting sides. Bucket list this place in the famous Stockyards.


Button’s: Also in Fort Worth you will find a mighty fine CFS, but here it is called soul food. Regardless of what it is called, order this.


Reata: Possibly the priciest, but well worth it, the Reata offers a chicken fried steak that is pan fried (not found in too many restaurants these days) and has this delicious crispy beef flavor that you are looking for.


Ranchman’s  Cafe: The steakhouse made famous in Ponder, TX makes a perfect Chicken Fried Steak. These people have been featured on the Food Network, and here on Crave. Never fear, the gravy is served in a punch bowl on the side for good measure.

Around Texas


Jake and Dorothy’s: Tops of our list for true Texas CFS. Order today for $5.95, a true bargain when served with their signature waffle fries. Legends are made of this in Stephenville.


Mary’s Cafe: Drive 140 miles due west of Dallas and you can enjoy the best the state has to offer in CFS. Strawn is home to Mary’s Café which serves a pan fired CFS with real cream gravy and French fries. For years there was not a choice of mashed potato, but that has recently been rectified. Monday is all-you-can-eat CFS night. Enjoy.


Parkway Grill & Club: Located in Wichita Falls Parkway serves up a slab of mighty fine CFS. This one is big enough to share.


Nolan’s Original Po Boys: Make your way to Corpus Christie for a CFS in a most unusual spot. A sandwich shop that makes a double barrel chicken fry for 13.95 with all the trimmings. So good. So good.

Don’t Forget The Sandwich

Not in the mood for a huge dinner plate with a slab of beef hanging off the side that’s been fried to deliciousness? Shame on you. But we can still help you out with this CFS Sandwich:


The Ivy Tavern: Our go to spot for a great happy hour and fantastic food in the city’s smallest kitchen. This sandwich is a double-fister that will take a bit of time to enjoy. That’s what the beer is for, my friend.

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  1. Nolan

    Babe’s Chicken Dinner House has a good one, too…

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