Any Reason To Celebrate A Sandwich Is OK By Us: National Sandwich Day

by Steven Doyle

There is little to make a sandwich wonderful other than  fantastic bread, well thought out seasonings and spreads, and a filling that should be unsurpassed. When deciding a list of our favorites, it seemed a more daunting task than originally thought. So much more came to mind as the list was settled.

With all the heartache of selecting which can stand alone as the very best, we humbly submit in no particular order sandwiches that we enjoy. Tell us your favorites and we will run out today and sample one.

Deli News has been a Dallas mainstay for decades as it made its way to their current location on Preston Road in Far North Dallas. Procuring their bread and pastrami from New York, this deli has defended its title as our city’s finest. Choose this hot sandwich along with a cup of matzo ball soup on a crisp Fall afternoon, and you will experience nirvana.


The Highland Park mainstay New York Sub closed, but was recently revived by a local chef, Andrew Kelley. Look for the same sandwiches that have graced the menu for decades, but with a non-GMO and local twist. Fresh, homemade soups have been added, also.


Parigi makes this delicious Knuckle Sandwich which is loaded with cheese and lobster to make your day merry and bright. Knuckle-freaking-sandwich.


What is not to adore about 20 Feet Seafood Joint in East Dallas? Certainly the pork belly ramen is delicious, as is the lobster roll. But for the money, we truly love the Ipswich Clam Roll. Huge, tender clams adorn the house baked roll. Pure. Simple. Delicious.

uncle jimmy

At Luscher’s Red Hots there is a concoction known as the Uncle jimmy. This is a house-made uncle jimmy Luscher sweet ‘n’ hot Italian sausage piled with pulled pork and a zesty combination of pickled veggies – jardinière. Order and you shall be happy.

photo 1

One of the hottest sandwiches to fill our belly is the Cuban sandwich made proper at C Senor! in Oak Cliff. The tiniest sandwich shop on the list is big with flavor. Pulled pork, ham, pickles, yellow mustard, served with a side of fried plantains. Damn, we are on our way.


For many in Dallas Jimmy’s Food Store located at Bryan Street at Fitzhugh is the Mecca of all things sandwich. On any given day (except Sunday) you will find a line of patrons waiting for their deli-case sandwiches to be prepared. A few of our favorites include the meatball, hot Italian and the muffaletta, which is the most uniquely American sandwich on the planet.


TJ’s Seafood has the best lobster roll in Dallas. Just give us an amen.


Not necessarily known for their sandwiches, Pecan Lodge makes this silly good sandwich called The Pitmaster. It is just as ominous as it sounds, packed with juicy brisket, pulled pork, handmade sausage, then topped with slaw, BBQ sauce and fresh sliced jalapeños.


The Philly at the Truck Yard continues to satisfy us on so many levels. The big meaty, in your face sandwich loaded with your choice of veggies and cheeses always is the right idea when you have an extreme hunger that can only be dealt with by a two-fisted beef sandwich.


The club sandwich is what legends are made of in this beautiful little Oak Cliff haunt, Jonathon’s. This bad boy is one of the most shareable sandwiches in town if that is even a consideration. The club is loaded with ham, turkey, bacon, Swiss and American cheeses, lettuce, tomato, avocado, egg, mayo, and onions. Holy mother of sandwiches.


Tortas are a nifty alternative to a fistful of tacos at most taquerias. We found this monster at Tortas Las Tortugassimply called the Torta de Lomo which is a lovely bolillo with roasted then grilled pork loin and is topped with jalapeños, avocado, onions, tomato and lettuce with schmears of mayo and mustard.

Bryan and Kathy Crelly, operate  Uncle Uber’s Sammich Shop to the huzzahs of the Deep Ellum neighborhood in which it stands. Making some kick ass sandwiches (sorry — sammiches), Uber’s is staying true to their belief that each sandwich needs all the special love and care it deserves.


The fried chicken sandwich at East Hampton Sandwich Co is certainly a mouthful of tasty. This sandwich with a side of house fried potato chips will set you free.


Finally, Patina Green on the Square in McKkiney makes serious sandwiches and is not to be missed. They fly through stacks and stacks during their lunch rush. Look for the Hickory Smoked Ham, Smoked Cheddar, Jalapeno Peach Jelly, Jalapeno Cheddar Loaf. Everything sourced locally and superb.


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