Chocolate Leaving EU Stressed

toblerby Steven Doyle

Sure, everyone loves the chocolate. The British certainly do, and they are currently riled up about Toblerone which recently was reduced in size by 10%. You are familiar with the chocolate bar produced by Modelez International. You never really see the chocolate in the States unless you are at an airport for some reason, but certainly feel compelled to purchase the bar that is divided into bite-sized triangles.  

Mondelez International (MDLZ) (formerly Kraft Foods) blamed rising ingredient prices for the change. By adding space between the triangles, the company was able to keep the bar’s original packaging and length, but reduce the amount of chocolate. The bar size went from 170 grams (roughly six ounces) to a smaller 150 grams.

Fans of the chocolate are having their say on social media.

What the what?!?! @Toblerone … when did you create a dual carriage way through the mountains?!?!


Some are blaming Brexit, the controversial British pull from the EU, while others are simply conveying their distress and love for the chocolate.

This is not the first bit of public angst caused by the bar. In 1995 it was revealed that the Swedish politician Mona Sahlin had bought, among other things, two bars of Toblerone using her Riksdag credit card (with taxpayers’ money). This became known as the “Toblerone Affair”. Sahlin was forced to step down as a candidate for the post as Prime Minister.

The distinct pyramidal shape of the bar lent its name to the Toblerone line, a series of anti-tank emplacements prevalent in Switzerland’s border areas.

Toblerone is produced worldwide with manufacturers in the United States, United Kingdom, Germany and Croatia.

Regardless, your bar will weigh slightly less when taking your next flight abroad. We suggest you buy two.

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