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A Look at the Tesar Spoon Pop-Ups

tartareby Steven Doyle  photos by Joey Stewart

For those of you following the many activities of John Tesar you would have noticed that he is one busy chef and in great demand. When the chef is not busy rocking Knife, his kick ass steakhouse in Dallas, or doing one of the many charity events he is so popular for, or his second coming on the current season of Top Chef, Tesar is is still not satisfied.

We noted some time ago that Tesar is also adding another restaurant to his menu in the form of a burger stand in Plano next year. But for a real slice of the chef you should check out one of his pop-up ventures where he has been recreating his beautiful but shuttered seafood restaurant, Spoon.   

Recently we checked out one of these pop-ups which will continue through after the first of the year. These mini-Spoons, if you will, give you a grand look at the restaurant we all miss.

For the pop-ups you are able to purchase an additional wine pairing, but for those with some nice vintages stashed away for a fantastic occasion you may also BYOB. The evening runs super long and there will be plenty of time to get to know those around you, so you might bring a little extra wine for good measure. Also plan on an Uber.

Don’t expect to see chef throughout the night as he will most likely be hunkered down until the end of the meal, working his magic with few people assisting him. The man moves with light-speed and is able to perform great feats with seemingly little effort.

If you attend one of these marvelous meals be sure to bring cash for a tip for the service as they do not accept credit cards. The dinners, of course, are paid up front with credit.

If interested, there are still tickets available for some future events in the coming weeks. Check out this website.


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