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PB&J’s For Soupmobile Dallas

sand1by Brenna Witt
Taking inspiration from the record-setting Sandwiches for Soupmobile group, our team was organized as an alternative for those who follow a meatless lifestyle. PBJ Sandwiches for Soupmobile meets the first Friday of each month from 7:30-9:00pm at CityScape Apartments to make sandwiches for Dallas area homeless.
Our work is as easy as it is effective. Volunteers are invited to bring supplies from our list:  food prep gloves, ziplock sandwich bags, creamy peanut butter, jam or jelly, and vegan breads like Trader Joes, Sara Lee, Thomas, Cobblestone Mill, and Arnold. We spread the love until supplies run out, and ask for volunteers to take completed sandwiches to Soupmobile on Saturdays.

Our second meeting produced 640 sandwiches in only two hours. Volunteers of all ages poured in, each of them loaded down with jars, baggies, and bread. An overflow table was necessary to accommodate the turnout, and those who could not make it networked with others through Facebook to get additional supplies to us.
We also collect supplies for the Austin Street Center from their current needs list, including much-needed feminine hygiene products, which are costly and often difficult to obtain.  Participants are welcomed to check the list and bring donations to our sandwich making events.
Soupmobile is a mobile soup kitchen which provides food and shelter to those in need throughout the year. It clothes, feeds, and shelters over 500 homeless men, women, and children at the Omni Hotel every December 24-25 at the Celebrate Jesus Christmas Gala.
CityScape Apartments is an eco-friendly community located at 6467 Melody Lane in Dallas, and  provides us with a beautiful space to make new friends and prepare meals for our hungry brothers and sisters.
Austin Street Center has served as an emergency shelter for homeless men and women since 1983, and has many programs to assist folks in transitioning out of homelessness, including the Work Readiness Program, the Pathway House, and substance abuse support.
PBJ Sandwiches for Soupmobile is a melting pot of folks with big hearts, and all are warmly welcomed to participate. We invite you to join us the first Friday of each month at CityScape Apartments and visit us on Facebook to receive notifications about our events.

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