Santa Rosa For A Pupusa And Plantain Fix

by Steven Doyle

Sometimes you need to satisfy your inner-Salvadoran by checking out on of the few restaurants in Dallas that serve the South American cuisine. This week we went to Santa Rosa on Walnut Hill, next to one of our favorite dive bars, A Step Up Lounge.

Santa Rosa is a fairly large restaurant in a decaying North Dallas strip center, and they serve mainly Salvadoran food with a few exceptions of fajitas and several Tex Mex items to appease the gringos. This means you will find pupusas, fried plantain, banana leaf wrapped chicken tamales and the best black beans in the area.     

There is also a large soup collection that we will keep in mind as temperatures drop in Texas. Massive caldrons of chicken soup and several seafood bowls including a national dish called mariscada, a seafood stew if you will.

Santa Rosa no longer offers alcohol, which means you may bring in your own. Or order the food and have it sent next door to the dive bar where they allow you to dine and enjoy one of their frosty beverages.

Santa Rosa | 3720 Walnut Hill Ln, Dallas | 214.904.9887

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