Dallas Raw Oyster Primer

crave9by Joey Stewart

The taste of Oysters can start a lively debate, but if you are a serious bivalve eater you know that Dallas has dozens of spots serving some of the best in the world. With over three hundred varieties in the US it’s one of the most diverse foods you’ll ever eat. Do you prefer the briny taste of east coast oysters, or the sweeter ones from the west? How about oysters from the south?

That’s an old school train of thought that we don’t produce great oysters in Texas or the Southeast. Regardless, here’s a list, in no particular order, of some of the top spots in Big D to get your fix on. We won’t list any spots that “rinse” their oysters before they serve them. That’s blasphemy to oyster addicts. Every restaurant will have different varieties on different days, but we’ve listed some of their more popular and recent selections.  



Boulevardier and Rapscallion

Typically offers Caraquet, Damariscotta, Duxbury, Katama Bay, Fiddler’s Cove, and Irish Point. Fried and grilled Gulf oysters Happy hour discounts at both locations.

Montlake Cut

East coast. Try Nick’s picks and get a baker’s dozen. Cotuit, Fisher’s Island, Blue Points, Falmouth, Riptide

Fish City Grill

The chain serves Gulf coast oysters as well as several varieties from all over the US. Wellfleet, Blue Points, Summerside, Gulf, Naked Cowboy 

Two dollar east coasters from 3-6p every day.

TJ’s Seafood Market and Grill (Two Locations)

TJ’s offers rotating varieties every day from the east coast. Copps Island, James River, Katama bay, Malpeque, Rocky Nook, Thantch Island, Irish Point, Standish Shore

$2 oysters Sundays 6-9

20 Feet Seafood Joint

Blue Points, Blue Points, and Blue Points. Did we say Blue Points? Bonus for BYOB.



Blue Points, East Beach Blonde, Ichabod Flats, Malpeque, Puffer Petite, Gulf.

$2 Oysters after 10:30pm

Eddie Vs

Gulf,  Pepper Grove out of Galveston, Raspberry Point Thatch Island, Standish Shore.

Happy hour 4-7 each day. $1 Gulf, $2 East Coast

Water Grill

Brand new spot in uptown serving a large selection of Texas, East Coast, and West Coast varieties. Barcat, Island Creek, Olde Salt, Kumamoto, Malaspina, Sand Point, Hama Hama, Moon Shoal, Rappahannock


Summerside, Standish Shore, Mystic, Copps Island, Blue Point, Chincoteague, Malpeque, Conway Cup

Chef selection of three for $7 bucks during happy hour 4-7

Amberjax Fish Market Grille

Pink Moon, Irish Point, Cape Spear Salt, Mystic, Sunberry Point, Blue Point, Eagle Rock (Washington), Summerside

S&D Oyster Company

Gulf, Gulf, and Gulf. Did we say Gulf? High turnover means they are always fresh.

Rex’s Seafood at the Dallas Farmer’s Market

West coast: Capitol, Brookside, Kumamoto, Fanny Bay: East coast: Pink Moon, Cuttyhunk, St. Simon, Pemaquid

$2 west/east coast and $1 Gulf 3-7 every day, and during the NFL playoff games

The Mitchell

$2 East Coast, $1 Gulf from 5-7 every day

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  1. And bonus points for the oyster shooters at 20 ft… Definite must have.

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