First Look: Wokk Asian Cookhouse

dsc00470by Steven Doyle

A new fast-casual popped up recently in Richardson and caught our eye as we were passing through the busy neighborhood. Wokk Asian Cookhouse is now open and serving familiar but tasty versions of old favorites using fresh and local ingredients.

Wokk was created by a father and son team who were looking for a New Asian type of cooking taking old school dishes to another level. So you will find your Kung Pao and Orange Chicken, but with stronger and more refined flavors not often found in walk-up counter service.  



We tried several dishes, including a few appetizers and was thrilled with the speed, noticing our orders were being created at the time of ordering in their completely open kitchen replete with flashing woks and busy cooks.

Order by the bowl for a smaller take, or go big with a plate. Choices of steam, fried or brown rice, noodles or lettuce wraps for any of the dishes.

You won’t find over-sauced food, but instead extremely fresh portions. Taste the snap peas which actually snap. We loved the Ssamjang chicken which is made of wok-seared chicken in a Korean bean paste sauce, pineapple, scallion, carrot, red bell pepper, and those snappy peas. The Mongolian Beef is seared beef in a savory soy chili sauce, onion, and scallions.



Look for the salads made with spicy chicken or beef for a lighter meal, or the noodle dishes which include Pad Thai, Drunken Noodles and Chow Mein.

Appetizers are well thought out and include such favorites as edamame, a spicy La Zhi, or little kicked up chunks of chicken made to share, or crispy chicken dumplings or crab wonton, all made while you wait.

These orders can be phoned in for take-out or table service which makes for a quick lunch.Look for actual plates and 100% recycled to-go packaging.

wokk2Wokk is a local start-up company with plans to expand across the Metroplex soon. Look for locations in McKinney, Frisco, Irving and Fort Worth soon.

Wokk Asian Cookhouse | 744 South Central, Richardson | 972.437.8966

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