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Deep Ellum’s Stonedeck Creates A Maddening Pizza For Super Bowl, And You’re Going To Love It

stonedeckby Steven Doyle

Stonedeck Pizza already does some very non-traditional pizzas. We have been fond of the Chicken Tikka Masala version. Read about others here in a past report. But not to be outdone by themselves, the good folks at Stonedeck have created a monster of a pizza that even Dr. Frankenstein might question. Actually, it sounds ridiculously delicious, especially on a hangover. Half of the pizza is Buffalo Chicken flavor; half is Firehouse #3 flavor. 

The pizza is made of half Buffalo Chicken flavor; half is Firehouse #3 flavor. On the Buffalo Chicken side, buffalo wings and bleu cheese dressing sit atop the pie. The Firehouse #3 flavored side includes Dave’s Pub Queso with tortilla chips. For the grand centerpiece, six pinwheels with marinara sauce finish it off.

This Ultimate Gameday Pizza (a double pizza + three appetizers) is available for $45 and is perfect for sharing while enjoying with some craft beers or moonshine. There are 16 slices to this bad boy.

Giddy up!

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