Bacon and Beer Classic Making It’s Way To Big D March 18th

bacon2by Steven Doyle

It’s coming our way. The Bacon and Beer Classic is a take on a beer festival with sides of bacon, and sick party games. This is exactly what we need right now. Beer. Bacon. And sick party games. 


The traveling roadshow that is offering these fun pieces to the party puzzle are making their way to Dallas and they will be offering a plethora of locally made bacon dishes, over fifty plus beers from local and regional breweries, and massive Jengas, bungee runs and even beer inspired tattoos.

If that wasn’t enough you might find yourself in a bacon eating contest. The food isn’t just bacon, it’s just all centered around bacon. There’s a difference. We are also promised live music in the mix.

The show is making the rounds across the country and lands in Dallas March 18th at the Foundry. Tickets are on sale now.


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