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Two Great Chefs Join Forces Again For a Superb Valentine’s Dinner Event

wide-interiorby Joey Stewart

Chef David Uygur of Lucia and Yutaka Yamato of Yutaka combined their many talents on Sunday evening for the second Valentine’s dinner in as many years. The previous event took place at Lucia, so this time it was Yutaka’s turn. When asked about the inception of the event, Uygur said “We both love dining at each others’ restaurants, so it makes perfect sense”. Justin Holt of Lucia also took place in the creation and execution of the dishes.

The six-course menu was paired with wine and sake and featured a sorbet course served on an illuminated ice block while all the lights in the restaurant were turned off.
We hope this becomes a tradition for years to come.  

See our pictorial below:

The event was centered by a hand sculpted heart-shaped ice block

Komamoto Oyster with Caviar, Grilled Toro, Mackerel, Okra

Red Chard Salad with Yuzu, Hazelnut Butter and Colatura

Uni (Sea Urchin) Pasta

Shequasar Sorbet

Mugi Fuji Pork with Perigold Truffle, Cotechino Endive and Tuna Heart

Sushi Tour – Aji, Tuna, Turnip, Anago

Tuna Hand Roll

Shiratama Dango with Kinako chocolate sauce & Green Tea Ice Cream

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