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ida5by Nafeisa Shukair-Farley

Have you ever wanted to go Down the Rabbit Hole and Grow a Pear while eating breakfast but just could not find the right spot?  Want food with a southern flair will staying in the Metroplex? Your wants are now reality since Ida Claire in Addison started serving breakfast.

As you walk up to Ida Claire, you are immediately greeted by a décor that is not only appealing to the eyes, but reminds you of the “good ole days” and the flea market but with a modern twist.  From the vintage Airstream trailer, tables made out of fans and the bust of Elvis welcoming you, the good juju is felt immediately to set the mood for a hearty made-from-scratch breakfast.  


Before we go into the food, let’s talk drinks…yes drinks in the morning.  Down the Rabbit Hole is a blend of fresh carrot, lime and pineapple juice with pineapple ginger syrup and mint.  As the juice quenched the thirst of this drinker, I could feel my eyesight getting better and my breath fresher.  Okay, maybe an exaggeration, but it is that good!  After traveling down the rabbit hole, I decided to Grow a Pear and glad I did. The spiced pear juice with lemon juice and local honey helped to get my taste buds ready for the next adventure: food!


Appetizers for breakfast is a must at Ida Claire’s.  Ida’s biscuits are a crunchy-on-the-outside-soft-and-flaky on the inside biscuits served with basil chive butter, and sweet potato jam (the homemade jams change weekly) and a bacon gravy.  The butter was so good I could have eaten it with a spoon but instead I spread it over my biscuit and relished every morsel and crumb.  You can tell the sweet potato jam was homemade with bits of potato and a sweetness that heightened the taste of the biscuit.

Next, we had the pancake sampler which consists of a banana, chocolate and blueberry pancakes.  All I remember is a light fluffiness of heaven with soft pillows of whipped cream and then an empty plate.

Now on to the main course. If you have a hearty eater, make sure to order the Duck and Potato Hash.  With braised duck, sweet and white potatoes, herb butter, onion, kale, Tabasco hollandaise all topped off with a perfectly cooked sunny-side duck egg, a hearty appetite will be satisfied and tummies full.  For those who are vegetarians, Avocado Toast will make you happy and full.  Crisp bread topped with herb aioli, avocado, pumpkin seeds, Tabasco hollandaise and a sunny-side up egg.  The egg brings out the flavors of the other ingredients so make sure there is egg in each bite.


Another popular menu item is the Chicken and Waffles which will send you into another realm.  The bacon laced Belgian waffle, topped with sunny-side up eggs, crispy chicken tenders, coffee maple syrup and black pepper gravy is a new twist on this classic dish.  The syrup is added to the waffle before it is served so my recommendation is to ask for the syrup on the side if you prefer your waffle a bit crispy like me.

After my adventure down the rabbit hole into the world of Ida Claire, I cannot wait to go back and try the more of the menu at the start of my day.  The refreshing drinks, food cooked with love and the unique décor makes Ida Claire a perfect spot to start your day off right and fill your soul and tummy.

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