Veracruz Cafe Rescues You From The Dull Enchilada Lunch

by Steven Doyle

Tex Mex be gone.  Dallas has a love affair with oil-puddled enchiladas but there are more than a few truly wonderful restaurants serving hot interior Mexican cuisine. We need to embrace these beautiful restaurants when we find them, and one such restaurant is located in the Bishop Arts District called Veracruz Cafe.    

Veracruz Café is easy on the eye, and bold in flavor serving up fine Meso-Amercian dishes. We particularly enjoy Pedro’s Ostiones Almendradas which is six crispy almond-crusted oysters Just like Pedro’s mom used to make served with Crema Totonaca.

The Sopa de Atlahua is superb. Atlahua is the mythical Aztec god of lakes and fishermen, so it stands to reason that this Mexican-style bouillabaisse combines fish, shrimp, calamari, scallops, and fresh vegetables in a pure bowl of love.

Picaditas Veracruzanas is a double dose of sopes topped with red sauce, queso fresco, onion, and grilled shrimp. The masa is fresh and smooth and makes a perfect canvas for this Mexican “pizza”.

Enjoy the fresh fish or any dishes with the house-made mole sauce. Veracruz Café has a full lunch and dinner menu and also serves a hearty brunch.

Veracruz Cafe408 North Bishop, Dallas | 214.948.4746

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