Badovinus and Barsotti To Open Concepts In Highland Park Village


Nationally renowned chefs and local culinary champions, Nick Badovinus (Neighborhood Services, Montlake Cut, Off-Site Kitchen, Town Hearth) and Julian Barsotti (Sprezza, Nonna and Carbone’s), are partnering to open two concepts in Highland Park Village this fall in the location that was previously Village Kitchen, Toko V, and Village Marquee.

Fachini and Perfect Union Pizza Co. are the unique result of the dynamic duo’s culinary creativity and identifying the perfect location. Both Italian restaurants, guests will be able to savor two different styles and settings.  


“The opportunity to collaborate with two of the most successful chefs in Dallas is incredibly exciting for Highland Park Village,” said Stephen Summers, Managing Director, Leasing, Highland Park Village.

About Fachini

Having set the standard for exceptional Italian cuisine in North Texas with three unique restaurants, Julian Barsotti is going to pay homage to old school, upscale Italian-American dining.  The menu will focus on sensationalized versions of Red Sauce classics.  Like Carbone’s, named for Barsotti’s maternal grandmother’s family, Fachini is his paternal grandmother’s maiden name.

“I’ve been patiently waiting for the perfect space and Highland Park Village’s unique history and prime location lends itself to what I see for Fachini: a romanticized-retro version of a the classic, upscale red sauce Italian-American joint,” said Julian Barsotti.

The menu and ambiance will be inspired by iconic Italian-American restaurants, and the food will be generous, technically precise renditions of classic dishes. A thoughtfully curated all-Italian wine list – heavy on Barolo, Brunello, and hard to find esoteric wines from lesser known regions – and a classic cocktail lineup, will complement the featured tastes.  The menu will offer antipasti, insalata, macaroni, wood oven broiled seafood, veal and prime steaks, and dessert.  Dishes will include tableside caesar salad, 100-layer lasagna bolognese, whole Maine lobster fra diavolo and prime-bone-in beef tenderloin a la pepe.

About Perfect Union Pizza

With a lineup of critically acclaimed restaurants, Nick Badovinus has conceptualized yet another sensational and buzzworthy establishment. Perfect Union Pizza Co. will have bold, straightforward and honest flavors, with a light and sunny atmosphere that flows from the inside of the space to the patio, inspired by the raw woods and warm whites found on the west coast.

“We really wanted the name of the restaurant to reflect how passionate we are about the partnership between us and Highland Park Village, and these restaurants in particular,” said Nick Badovinus. “Perfect Union Pizza Co. will be a place anyone and everyone can enjoy – it’s lighthearted and easy, with variety – just the way I like to eat with my family and friends.”

Three of Badovinus’s favorites will be offered on the menu: oysters on the half, artisanal pizza and rotisserie chicken, along with other items including crudos, chopped salads and spaghettis. As for beverages, there will be a robust assortment of wines, refreshing and effervescent cocktails, and a well curated list of beers on tap – perfect for lunch, slow-sipping afternoons, and dinner.

Perfect Union Pizza Co.  is slated to open in late summer 2017, with Fachini opening in fall 2017.

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One response to “Badovinus and Barsotti To Open Concepts In Highland Park Village

  1. PAR

    Great ….. Renowned chefs slinging pizza’s. Just another pizza joint in an upscale venue with corresponding prices Imo. What a waste of talent.

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