Bumbershoot Serving Up BBQ In Argyle

Bumpershoot003by Trey Moran

Sitting behind  Fuzzy’s Taco Shop and Earl’s 377 Pizza at the intersection of HWY 377 and FM 407 sits a vintage travel trailer serving up some decent hickory & pecan smoked meats.  Bumpershoot BBQ is brought to you by the owners of LSA Burger in Denton and the aforementioned Earl’s 377 Pizza.  

Just on first impressions this place should be a hit for this area.  It’s a nice environment and family friendly.  They have about a dozen or so octagon shaped picnic tables, most with umbrellas.  Classic country music was wafting down from up in the trees and the temperature outside was mid 70s and perfect for some outdoor BBQ.  


Ordering is done at the trailers walkup window.  I don’t know how they fit so many people inside there to fill orders but it worked.  The menu is kept simple. Meats, a couple of sides and a couple of specialty items like the Loaded Tater Tots covered in brisket, cheese & jalapenos.   Sadly I was unable to sample this glorious looking creation as they sold last batch to the person ordering before me.  Sadness indeed.  

Putting my dejection aside I ordered a three meat combo plate of sliced brisket, St. Louis style ribs and hot links.   The ribs were the best of the mix.  Barely hanging on to the bone but still keeping its structure. Another 15 minutes in the smoker might have turned them to mush but these were very good. Brisket was tender with a nice bark and smoke ring but with the use of hickory I had expected more smoke.  This was the first day of service so perhaps that will change.  

I very much enjoyed the hot links.  They had a spice that sneaks up on you and puts just a little bit sweat on your forehead. The links had really good flavor and a nice snap when you bit into them.  Sides of potato salad and beans were of the usual BBQ fare.  

Aubrey is quite the drive but if you are in the area on a nice afternoon stop in and have some BBQ, a glass of iced tea and enjoy the being in the country for a bit.

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