Second Floor Announces New Chef and Menu

david smith

The signature restaurant at The Westin Galleria Dallas today announced an updated menu curated by the newly appointed executive chef, David Smith. Smith, who oversees all culinary aspects of The Westin Galleria Dallas, has extensive gastronomic experience in hotels and restaurants both overseas and in the U.S.

Born and raised in Ireland, Smith began his culinary experience as an apprentice under high-profile chef and restaurateur, Jonny Oppermann. He continued to develop his talents in the kitchen by working in a variety of positions such as chef de partie, fishmonger, sauté, garde manger and pastry chef.  

Smith has received numerous awards, including gold and silver medals from the Irish Panel of Chefs, a silver medal from the American Culinary Federation Competition, and most recently first place for “Best Beef Brisket” in the Big D BBQ Battle. He proudly belongs to the oldest and largest food and wine gastronomy society in the world, Chaîne des Rôtisseurs.

Along with Smith’s appointment to executive chef, Second Floor Kitchen is revamping its menus to reflect renowned regional dishes.

The new menus are influenced by the Westin’s “Be Well” movement, which allows guests to Eat Well, Play Well, and Feel Well, in whatever fashion suits their mood, day or overall lifestyle. Of note, select items from the breakfast menu are denoted as SuperFoodsRX, which are dishes specifically paired with whole foods to boost nutritional benefits and flavors. Second Floor Kitchen also prides itself in providing gluten free menu choices.

Click on the respective link to view the complete breakfast, lunch and dinner menus.

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