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Pig’s Head Tacos and Tequila For Cinco de Mayo Fete at Industry Alley May 5th


Suerte Tequila Sponsors Epic Cinco Fiesta at Industry Alley on Friday, May 5th, featuring $5 Suerte cocktails, serving $5 taqueria style pork tacos by Justin Holt, mariachis, and piñatas.

One of the many legends surrounding tequila is that it was originally discovered by luck. Well, actually it was by a rabbit. Or rather by a farmer’s wife who noticed the rabbit getting tipsy on fermented agave. Suerte, which means ‘luck’ in Spanish, would like to share their luck with you to celebrate Cinco de Mayo at Industry Alley. 

Suerte produces their tequila in the time-honored and centuries- old way utilizing spring water from Jalisco, slow roasting their agave hearts (piñas) at low temperatures in a traditional brick oven for 56 hours, and crushing them 100% of the time with an authentic tahona. This small batch, single estate tequila is handcrafted in the Highlands of Jalisco, producing a sweeter and smoother tequila perfect for sipping straight or enjoying in a classic margarita or craft cocktail.


Pop Up champion Justin Holt will be serving up carnitas tacos. He plans on roasting quite a few pig heads and making some really unique tacos. The much anticipated Bowls and Tacos* will be providing handmade tortillas and some super spicy salsas! The street style tacos will go fast, as per the custom of Holt’s Pop Up events.  $5 gets you two tacos, but be prepared to bring cash if you plan on indulging in some delicious portable treats.

Industry Alley’s bar staff is also creating a special cocktail menu with imaginative takes on classic Cinco de Mayo drinks for the event. Lead barman Mike Steele will be featuring his takes on frozen Margaritas, Palomas, and a quirky boozy stirred Suerte concoction to delight even the pickiest of cocktail enthusiasts.

“I really love how this holiday brings all different kinds of people out,” says Steele, “At the end of the day, we wanna throw a great party. In my experience the best parties start with awesome food, solid cocktails, hospitality, and good music.”

Industry Alley owner and bon vivante Charlie Papaceno comments, “I’m all in for Cinco de Mayo, any reason the celebrate the defeat of the French.”

Suerte will kick off the fiesta at Industry Alley* on May 5 starting at 8pm. You can snag a cocktail for a mere $5, two of Holt’s delicious tacos for $5 cash, or take a swing at the piñata for just for luck.

People are encouraged to come early for tacos, as it is common for Holt’s events to sell out within an hour or so.

Justin Holt is the Sous Chef at Lucia in the Bishop Arts District. Lucia is open Tuesdays through Saturdays at 5:30 PM and reservations are highly recommended.

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