Corrientes 348 Opens June 20th


Corrientes 348, an Argentinian steakhouse launching its first location in the United States, will open for lunch and dinner on Tuesday, June 20 in Downtown Dallas. This upscale 10,000 square foot steakhouse rooted in rich South American culture, is bringing yet another refined dining experience to 1807 Ross Avenue (formerly occupied by Stephan Pyles).

The a la carte menu is shared or family-style dining with an emphasis on high quality cuts of meat, sides and carefully selected wines. Classic Argentinean dishes are prepared with superior ingredients and signature meats, all of them prime cuts from the most prestigious sources and producers.  


Originating from the best American breeds and hailing from reputable ranches, the beef undergoes thorough monitoring and a stringent selection process. The same attention can be found on the wine list composed of reds and whites from the Old and New Worlds. An unforgettable moment to be relished in a pleasant environment with excellent food and service encompasses the dining experience at Corrientes 348.

Since its humble beginnings in the late 90’s, Corrientes 348 has evolved into a beautiful story of success and remains a family-owned business today. With Dallas housing the first United States location, there are currently six in South America.

Corrientes refers to the famed street in Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina. Corrientes 348 is an address mentioned in the celebrated tango, “A Media Luz” sung by Carlos Gardel (a legendary Argentinian musician in the 1920’s). The first restaurant was opened in South America, in 1997 by Eduardo Santalla (a native of Argentina). Santalla found a vacant restaurant that coincidently had the address of 348. He remembered Gardel’s tango and the rest is history.


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