Ten Meaty Ideas For Dad’s Day in Dallas

dadby Steven Doyle

Father’s Day is this weekend so most likely you will spring out last minute for a tie that he will never wear – unless you take him out on the town for a plate of big beef. Oh, let me tell you, dad loves his beef and is not afraid to talk about it. It hasn’t been that long when you stood beside the old man as he tended grill, carefully peeking under at the giant chops or sizzling slabs of sirloin. 

So give the man what he really wants and take him out for dinner. And we have a few choices that will be sure to win his affection. And even if you just wrap up a tie, he will still love you.
Whatever you decide to do on Father’s Day, we suggest reservations. Now. We will wait.

dad pecan

Pecan Lodge has a huge selection of beef just waiting for the order. Do something super kind and order a side of fried chicken while  at the Deep Ellum restaurant. It is something he will be bragging about to the boys at his office on Monday.

dad deli

On a bit of a budget but want to raise dad’s cholesterol count for the day? Take him to Deli News in North Dallas where they make these humongous sandwiches piled high like they do in those famous New York delis we pine for. Make day famous for a day and snap a photo of him opening up his shoppers into one of these monsters.

dad CBD-Provisions pig

Dad will think you are his favorite child when presented with this beast of a dinner. The pig head at CBD Provisions is legendary and served with a pile of fresh tortillas and an assortment of sauces that will absolutely make him squeal.

dad knife

John Tesar’s Knife at the Highland on Mockingbird is a beef Mecca. You do not even have to spring for the 240-day aged haunch to win dad’s love and adoration, the menu has a smattering of steaks priced for any budget. We heard that your old man likes a good bone-in rib-eye, but that is just the word on the street. Incidentally, the best wedge salad in town.

dad rapscallion

Rapscallion will require a reservation because people in the know will be escorting their favorite paterfamilias into the Lowest Greenville Avenue restaurant this weekend for a huge selection of meats, and this bad ass burger.

dad chamberlain

Sometimes, just sometimes, your dad will tell you about the time he had the best surf and turf ever. It may have been at Chamberlain’s Fish Market Grill. Chef-Owner Richard Chamberlain knows his way around both steaks and seafood and plates a mean dish for Dad’s Day.


Lockhart Smokehouse in Bishop Arts and Plano will be working over time to ensure that you dad does not take a match to those tired briquettes. These folks have it under control and use the most manly of woods, post oak, to torch their giant slabs of beef just for your dear old pa. Take advantage of their hospitality this weekend.


Looking for some old school charm?  Dunston’s on Lovers Land in Dallas has you covered. They even serve prime for a few bucks more. Do something extra spiffy and take him through the Backdoor Bar. He will feel all VIP. Mesquite is the wood of choice at Dunston’s.


Thinking lamb chops, or perhaps a hunk of pork? Wait, dad may want a steak after all. And he is really into the wine thing, right? Too many questions, just take him to Pappas Bros. and let him decide. The place is steep up in sommeliers, too.


Want something totally unique for dad’s mouth on his day? YO Steakhouse has you covered. There will be a bit of game, beef and even a deep fried lobster to tickle his belly just right. Tucked away in Dallas’ West End you will be sure to find something special for the man who changed your diapers and paid for college.

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