Celebrate Bastille With Us Today – Contest!

bastille1by Steven Doyle

The French get a lot of razzing from Americans, but fact is if it weren’t for the French we might all still be speaking with a nasty English accent and have very bad teeth. The French were vital  for the Americans to win the Revolutionary War. But to be fair we did give them Jerry Lewis.

This weekend we will celebrate Bastille Day, the anniversary of the storming of the Bastille fortress-prison which was seen as a symbol of the uprising of the modern nation.

There will be several Bastille celebrations in Dallas  and we want to share ways you might want to party and enjoy the day.    

To start our list we bring you a sweet contest where you may win some pretty special prizes from the good people at Lavendou. Of course you want to make last minute reservations at Lavendou for dinner tonight, read more about that here. But did you know that chef Pascal bottles a few of his delicious dressings? Indeed he does, and they are available to take home from the restaurant, just ask your bartender there or a member of the waitstaff. Look for a beautiful Dijon Vinaigrette and a Balsamic Vinaigrette.

image1 (9)

Our prize winners, and there will be three of them, will win the following:

$150 Lavendou gift card, with salad dressings

$100 Lavendou gift card, with bottled salad dressings

$50 Lavendou gift card, with bottled salad dressings

Simply make a comment below and we will use our random number generator to choose  the winners today! You will pick up your prize at the restaurant, so you might make plans to do so with reservations.

This year again, The French-American Chamber of Commerce in Dallas/Fort Worth has organized a gourmet dinner at Lavandou Bistro Provençal (19009 Preston Road, Suite 200) on Friday, July 14 starting at 7pm. Price is $85 per person for members, and $95 for non-members. Sign up for the dinner here.

14_2011_07_Bastille_Bishop-734Dude, Sweet Antoinette

You will also not wish to miss out on the Bastille on Bishop.

Enjoy a magical evening with entertainment, food, wine, petanque, and wonderful people as we celebrate the beautiful country of France and their traditions.

As many know, Oak Cliff was the original settlement of the French colony called La Reunion, and the neighborhood has picked up the mantle with great pride and love for the French culture. Children and pets are welcome, and the event is free if you are a non-drinker.


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32 responses to “Celebrate Bastille With Us Today – Contest!

  1. Clayton

    Love Bastille Day! We’ll be out at Bastille on Bishop tonight. Come check out The Deeply Co booth if you happen to be out there tonight.

  2. Dan Johnson

    We are pumped to check out Bastille on Bishop tonight and are making reservations for Lavendou now!

  3. Diane Montgomery

    Oui Oui, I love all things French! Happy Bastille Day!!!

  4. Celeste Harmon

    Pick me I have never had French food

  5. Mark Krupp

    Why yes, I would love to try this restaurant out. I saw your story on this place a month ago and have been thinking of it since.

  6. Pamela

    I would like to try the salad dressing but to dine at Lavendou would be an honor

  7. Tom and Veronica Steele


  8. Ann Hestia

    pick me please

  9. Gloria Fillmore

    I would love to try this place. I have seen you write about them several times and am curious.

  10. Tony Griggs

    I see the other comments who read the last story on the place, well I went to Lavendou after reading about your last adventure and loved the place. I am now a regular (if going three times in a month is a regular). Did not know the owner bottled the dressings, so will ask for that when I am back next week.

  11. Frank M. Halstead

    I love their lamb and the snails

  12. John North

    what do I need to do to enter?

  13. Crave Staff

    You just did

  14. Ron Spellman

    Permettez-moi de gagner

  15. Angela

    Happy Bastille Day!

  16. Marianna

    Vive la France!

  17. the4rojos

    I would love to dine at Lavendou; I’ve not made it over there yet. Blessings!

  18. ST

    Bon appétit!

  19. Janet Briggs

    Wow oh wow oh wow!

  20. Nicky Frayre

    enter me and let me win!

  21. Pamela

    I want to try the dressing and dine like Macron.

  22. Margaret Simmon

    Yes yes yes yes! You people make everything fun!

  23. Kate Harris

    I have never won anything on Crave, or anywhere else for that matter.

  24. Margeaux Shelling

    I want to eat cake and drink wine.

  25. Thomas Kelly

    How do you win this? Bribe the owner? Wait, who is the owner? Bribe on way.

  26. Megan Rose

    I have been to Lavendou a few times with Crave’s recommendation and loved the experience. The only thing better would be to go with a 150 dollar gift card. Add me to the contest.

  27. Carl Bannister

    Carl Bannister

    I want to win!

  28. Jeff flansbaum

    My wife’s and I had our first date at Lavandou

  29. Terry S

    I went back and read the Lavendou story Steven did recently and now I want to win this. It would make my year for sure.

  30. Frances

    What could be better? Oui Oui!

  31. Voulet vous……well, you know the rest.

  32. Marianna, Terry S and Jeff Flansbaum are our winners. Will be sending emails to tell you what you won and how to collect the prize. Thank you all!

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