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What’s Eating Your Phone?

phoneby Steven Doyle

Each week we ask the question, “What’s Eating Your Phone”? This is where we all can join in on the foodie fun and send in your latest dining photo that has you all jazzed. These are not necessarily limited to dining out, it can be from that last dinner party. And don’t think we discriminate against libations. Send in your favorite cocktail photo, too.

To be included in a future edition of What’s Eating Your Phone, send those photos to me at A brief description and location would be super helpful. Here are this week’s selections:

Sarah Nguyen sends us her favorite scallop photo from her phone. She recently visited Hibiscus and fell in love with this dish.

We have an added bonus of a little cutie in this Rise No. 1 photo of the proud dad Chris Mosely’s Jamon and Gruyere souffle.

Serious Pizza in Deep Ellum made our top ten pizzas in Dallas for a reason. Besides being a crazy good example of a New York slice, it is larger than a manhole cover. Thank you Thomas Benning for sending us this photo.

Kuby’s makes terrific sausages, and Jim Sands tells us this jalapeno sausage hit the spot. We agree!

Fish collars are the best part of a fish. Delicate, meaty and packed with flavor, these collars from Tei Teo Robata Bar on Henderson always satisfy. Thank you Kim Pyun.

Who doesn’t love a good burger, especially one donning so much bacon like this one from Wingfield’s in Oak Cliff. Matthew L. tells us it is his absolute favorite, and also tells us he has tackled the triple meat burger from Wingfield’s. We would have to see that in person.

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