Hot Joy Unofficially Open In Dallas

DSC01695by Steven Doyle

Hot Joy has been an outrageous late night mainstay in San Antonio’s King William District since 2014. There is a no holds bar attitude when it comes to a variety of ramen and wings and the mastermind behind the restaurant is owner Chad Carey who describes the menu as “a wild mash-up of China, Texas, Vietnam, Japan, Louisiana, Thailand, Mexico, Malaysia and anything else that lights up our brain.”  

It is definitely a mashup of flavors from across the globe.



In other words, you have to experience it firsthand to get it, and Dallas Uptown diners and late-night revelers now have their chance to experience what San Antonio has enjoyed for the past three years.

Hot Joy is located at 3130 Lemmon Ave., in the now-vacant Texas Land & Cattle. The plan is to stay in the space for two years, then move to a permanent location. But a recent visit during the soft opening (they go official on the 24th of July) shows that they are much larger than the original and already throwing down the tastes that had this writer excited since the first visit soon after Hot Joy hit the San Antonio dining scene.

Currently open daily from 5pm to midnight the menu has that familiar look that will get Hot Joy old timers excited. From the Chengdu Style Shrimp Dumplings, a host of steamed buns and plenty of wings to choose from. The wings. Besides the ramen the wings at Hot Joy are the belle of the ball, especially the crab fat caramel wings that put Hot Joy on the culinary map. Yes they are sweet, but also what I heard once called irresponsibly hot (temperature-wise), but crisp and oh so delicious.

DSC01701Spam Fried Rice

DSC01699Shrimp and Crab Noodles

This week we tore into the Spam fried rice which reminded us of a dance with musubi sans the nori, and seriously enjoyed the cold Crab & Shrimp Noodles served with a touch of keffir lime, coconut galangal, lemongrass, and Thai herbs.

The Laarp comes with chicken and various veggies and romaine lettuce to warp the fun concoction. Enjoy the Pork Sticky Ribs that have been given a tamarind glaze and served on a green papaya salad, nam jim, herbs, toasted rice powder.

The service is currently over-the-top, so expect that to settle down once officially open and the staff gains their sea legs.

It will be nice to see this San Antonio transplant thrive in Dallas, and I seriously think you will love this new addition.

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