11 Supreme Salads Dallas Has To Offer To Stay Cool This Summer

executive-chefby Steven Doyle

It has been plenty hot in North Texas with more rage from the sun on its way before we enter into our odd fall-like weather. There are a few ways to cool off, besides hitting the beach each weekend which is highly suggested but not practical, and the tastiest is to seek out some of the cooler salads Dallas has to offer. We have you covered on this short list of suggestions. Play along by offering you best salad below in comments.

Not in any particular order here are a few choice salads to indulge and cool off with:


Nothing screams Dallas more than a wedge salad, but sometimes they are simply overwrought with the very things that make them the tastiest. Discretion is the better part of a wedge. We do enjoy the wedge at Knife with its half head of gem lettuce and a gentle tough of blue cheese and bacon, but the wedge at Trulucks’s captures our heart. Magnificent.

tei an

Definitely cool, definitely light is the white seaweed salad at Tei An. This salad is as much fun to eat as it is to look at. Add bonus for soba noodles and sushi!


Are we still doing the Dallas Caesar Salad Competition? Well, when we did Parigi was a grand champ and they still display the prize bowl to prove it. Check out this Dallas favorite.

A newcomer on Henderson is Lekka which offers us this fresh “sushi” salad made powerful with slices of sushi-grade seared tuna. The summer ahhhs come to mind while enjoying this Crave favorite.


Circling back to Knife, let’s look at yet another prize salad offered by the marvelous steakhouse in Dallas. Behold: Kent’s Watermelon Salad. Now if this doesn’t cool your heels nothing will.


More seaweed, this time one topped with crisp vegetables and topped with crab and tobiko (fish roe). You may find this instant cooler at Rex’s Seafood at the Dallas Farmers Market. Today.

chopped hg

Nothing more simple or divine than the chopped salad at HG Sply. Locations in Dallas and Fort Worth. Go cool yourself!


Light and packed with plenty of protein, the quinoa salad at Nazca has everything you might be hungry for. Think broccoli, eggs, feta, tomato, peppers, onions and more with a toss of tahini glaze for added flavor.

flower child dallas

Flower Child is now in Dallas and they offer some cool salad options. Think a dozen varieties with protein options such as chicken, steak, salmon and tofu. Think Skinny Cobb and salmon or our favorite, Strawberry Fields loaded with organic strawberry, wild arugula, shaved fennel, toasted oats, dried mulberry, coconut, goat cheese, chia seed vinaigrette. Add chicken for a big meal!


Dough Pizzeria, now in Plano, offers this simply delicious caprese salad that is as beautiful to eat as it is to send photos of it to Instagram. The daily hand pulled mozzarella makes a huge difference. Want something different? Pay a visit to their fresh  burrata bar.


If Elaine from Seinfeld were to pop up in Dallas we know she would want the Big Texas Salad from Spiral Diner. First, it’s big and there are plenty of ad-on options such as a cashew quinoa patty, a big grilled portobella and even grilled tofo if you can imagine that. Eat light and eat right to stay cool this summer.

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