Five Favorite Trompo Tacos in Dallas *Video

trompo come tacoby Steven Doyle

While tacos may be found on nearly every corner of Dallas, we find the very delicious trompo taco draw out an extra bit of excitement on our palate. The trompo elicits joy for the way they are prepared, on a vertical spit with layers of deeply marinated pork often topped with a large, ripe pineapple that oozes its goodness across the meat crisply draped in rotation. A memorizing version of the popular Al Pastor.

Upon order slices of pork are tossed to a plancha where further crispiness before laid to rest onto warm corn tortillas alongside grilled onions and peppers, fresh cilantro and more onion. A plate to behold.

Where do you find such treasures in the Dallas area? We have a few tasty suggestions, but seriously there are growing amounts of hot taquerias across the city that are now serving this delicious treat. Share your favorites with us.


Start your adventure with the Trompo Master, Luis Olvera who owns Trompo located very near Trinity Groves on Singleton. There you will taste trompo in its finest form, but he also has a vegetarian and beef taco that you will find quite delicious.


The name Fito is revered in the trompo world with several locations in Dallas, one notably on Harry Hines, another in Oak Cliff on Davis.  Lewisville has an outpost as well. The tacos de trompo are delicious and made with quick speed for a perfect platter of taco love.


A trompo that I find myself gravitating towards is a bit more difficult to find but near ground zero of trompo in Dallas not far from Bachman Lake. Leo & Churro Taqueria is just off Webb Chapel located in the back of a convenience store. There they serve trompo along with a host of delicious items such a a fine example of a relleno, caldo de pollo, true quesadillas and a full line-up of breakfast items.


A more obvious spot for trompo is located on Northwest Highway across from Bachman Lake called, well, Bachman Tacos. We have extolled the virtues of this trompo often as have chefs such as Kent Rathbun. It is an easy in and out also located in a gas station where you must purchase from the gasoline matron before picking up your taco of choice.

Now that you know a few trompo hot spots, check out what we found in Mexico City:

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