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Uber Now Lists Popular Hot Spots in Dallas


Every month, millions of people take Uber to get where they’re going, and it turns out that many of these trips start or end at restaurants. That is why Uber launched a restaurant guide in Dallas.  

It may or may not reveal some unexpected places, but that’s because they’re using a data-driven approach to show where riders love to go in a city. Uber looked at anonymized, aggregated trip data, and linked to point-of-interest data from our partners Google and Foursquare, to create these rankings.

Diners can check out several categories for recommendations – depending on their preference – including most popular, local favorites, on-the-rise, brunch spots, weekend picks and date-night.

A link to the guide for Dallas can be found here,  but we will list their top ten most popular hot spots to dine in Dallas in order. Not sure how updated this list is, because there are a few hot spots that should replace a few of these. You need to decide that on your own.

The Rustic: if you have not been to the entertainment mecca in Dallas you are in for a treat. Besides hosting some fun concerts, often with a country twist, there is also a mega lawn to the back of the venue, a major sized bar in the middle, and a roped off dining area for a bit of seclusion which hosts a side stage for smaller concerts.

The Standard Pour: One of the best cocktail bars in Dallas which also plays host to most of the women in Uptown on Thursday for their lady’s night which include free dinner. A major draw. Also delicious cocktails made by experts in the industry.

The Social House: Lots of shenanigans, burgers, brunch and cocktails served to Uptown.

Mi Cocina Uptown: We are starting to see a trend, people are Ubering in Uptown. A lot. Maybe it is for enchiladas and those powerful Mambo Taxi margaritas.

Nick and Sam’s: On the cusp of Uptown, but this is steakhouse marvelous. Take the Uber because you will enjoy cocky=tails, major bottles of wine and aperitifs before a fun exit.

The Common Table: Located next to Nick and Sam’s, Common Table plays host to the best beer curated in Dallas. Not all local brews, but instead exciting beer from around the country. And great food.

Henry’s Majestic: Henry’s has a fine cocktail program and pretty damned good food at a good price point. But just around the corner, in the alley of Henry’s you will find Atwater. Dallas’ only real speak easy.

Victor Tango: Most of the best bartenders and chefs are off on Monday. Where do they go to drink? Victor Tangos. Every Monday. Now you know. Oh, good food.

The Skellig: Good cocktails, good food. Great prices. Located also on Henderson for your enjoyment.

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