Charlie Pap on Hiatus

charlieby Steven Doyle

Charlie “Pap” Papaceno, partner at the beloved Industry Alley in the Cedars of Dallas (think Lamar just south of downtown) is taking a haitus from his bar duties to tend to family business in New York, but retaining his ownership while leaving the bar in the hands of a very capable couple.

As former partner at the Windmill Lounge he garnered national attention for his clever cocktails. He is considered the leader in the Dallas craft cocktail movement.

Picking up the slack while Papaceno is on hiatus will be Marty and Jen Reyes.  The couple are known throughout Dallas for the Swizzle Luau Lounge Tiki Nights, are service industry lifers, tikiphiles and bar culture enthusiasts.  

“We are humbled to have this opportunity, Not only do we look up to Charlie but we are indebted to him for what he has done to the Dallas craft cocktail scene. We hope to continue Charlie’s legacy by continuing to bring relaxation and libations to the service industry and to grow with the Cedar’s neighborhood, it is quite the community here.”

Marty is a Dallas native who’s industry experience spans over 30 years, was born into a service industry family. Marty has worked every aspect of the industry from cook to general manager. Having spent most of his time behind the “stick” in corporate restaurants and bars, he worked through the last eight years in independently owned bars to continue his education and to share his knowledge of the craft.

Jen was born and raised of San Francisco and has been interested in bar culture since childhood acquiring her first bar tool set at the age of 13. A collector of cocktail books, tiki mugs and bar accouterments, Jen has been managing bars and restaurants for over 15 years, turning guests into friends with her warm smile and genuine good cheer. Currently managing Green Door Public House in Dallas Farmer’s Market neighborhood, she has quite a well received reputation with the Cedars neighborhood, many of who are her long time regulars there.

“We love what we do because it’s all about people, behind the bar and in front of it. What makes Industry Alley special is it a place for us, by us. Where you will find Dallas bartenders kicking back, playing pool and tossing back a local beer, people who have never been in before enjoying a fine craft cocktail or a local neighbor at the jukebox with their favorite cocktail classic. We are thrilled for the future and we look forward to serving you.”

Until Charlie Pap’s return to Dallas, we anxiously await seeing both Jen and Marty at Industry Alley.

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