Caviar is New Year’s Best Friend

by Steven Doyle

A few delicacies we associate with the new year includes lobster, champagne and caviar. Perhaps it’s due to their decadence and hopes for prosperity in the new year. We certainly feel these are treats we should have all year long.

Caviar is not something we hear much about in the United States, but is more celebrated across European countries for most any occasion such as birthdays, weddings and any holiday.

In the past five years we have seen less of the pearly treat when the prices shot up on better caviar found in the Caspian and Black Sea Basin, which comes from the endangered Beluga Sturgeon.

One of our favorite examples of caviar today in North Texas is Rochon, which procured their caviar from the ancient species of Siberian sturgeon. Over the centuries it has been prized by royalty and sought after by those who appreciate the most extraordinary taste.

The sturgeon are raised in tanks of the cleanest mountain spring water, using a highly sophisticated filtration system to keep the water clear and pure. The result is a unique caviar, produced exclusively as Rochon Premium Special Reserve, with an extraordinary flavor that is exceptionally clean, silky smooth and buttery. Caviar connoisseurs agree that the taste rivals that of the finest wild caviar found anywhere in the world.

You can shop last minute for this caviar and find it at TJ’s Seafood Market, but if you are out on the town later as for this caviar at Fearing’s, City Café, Chamberlain’s, Cadot and St. Emillion. Order in confidence that these sturgeon were raised with only the most environmentally responsible methods.


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