Eat Me: The Hot Dog at Bowl and Barrel

bowl and barrelby Steven Doyle

The hot dog has fallen on hard times in Dallas. What was once the sweetheart of the rodeo with locations across town where you could get a good meaty custom dog, now it is a bit dodgy. With the loss of some wonderful dogs, such as Luscher’s, Samson’s, Jerry’s, and Old World Sausage Company, There is still a terrific stand-out in Bowl and Barrel.  

The menu at Bowl and Barrel escapes most critics in Dallas, but we can assure you that it is well worth chewing your way through. The dog is especially wonderful, and is actually a custom made version made locally from Rudolph’s Meat Market in Deep Ellum. The dog is insane, and barks with a vicious bite to match. Big, meaty and snappy, just what your mother warned you about.


bowl and barrel pie

While at Bowl and Barrel, and possibly bowling, also check out a few other stand-out items such as the killer hot fried quail. These are B&B’s answer to chicken wings, but so much better. Made with chickpea flour and cayenne for a distinctive crunch and flavor.

We also enjoy the Devils on a Horseback, a classic take on the dish made with blue cheese stuffed medjool dates and bacon. And don’t forget the Cornish Hand Pies serves with HP sauce. They also make a dreamy butterscotch pie that you won’t want to miss.

There are locations in Dallas, Houston and San Antonio now, so you are never too far away from a good dog.

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