Resolutions Be Damned, We Have Seven Places To Cheat In Dallas

pie ladyby Steven Doyle

The new year is here and you have made those beloved resolutions that will keep you fit and happy straight through bikini season.  One problem, you have already cheated. And you will most likely continue to cheat. And we seriously have no problem with that.

The sole reason you should be here reading this is because you appreciate a fine meal and a night out on the town. We do too. To facilitate the inevitable we bring you seven delicious ways to break those resolutions. 

jan la duni

We start our cheat week at La Duni where they know how to prepare things that will make you squeal. Behold the Venezuelan rum cake filled with vanilla pastry cream, glazed with dark chocolate truffle and milk chocolate ribbons and served with a raspberry coulis

jan neighborhood

Besides a fun lemonade program which brings us added flavors such as grapefruit and mint, Neighborhood Services serves this cheat worthy apple cobbler that will sway you to the dark side.

jan village baking

Chocolate croissant from Village Baking Company. Boom.

jan international bakery

Please check out the Cuban Dulceria International Bakery in Carrollton. The cupcakes are beautiful, seriously beautiful. The assortment of pastries defies the imagination, and you will enjoy this flaky guava cream cheese pastry.

jan asian mint

Asian Mint is always a good choice with pretty terrific Thai, but the desserts are always a cheaters favorite. Enjoy this delicious green tea ice cream cake prepared by the lovely chef Nikky.

jan del frisco

Del Frisco has this coconut tart that may feed a table of four, but could conceivably be wolfed down by one. We do not recommend this. But we do recommend a romantic dinner for two with a happy ending.

pie chamberlains myer lemon

Finally, we recommend an evening at Chamberlain’s Steak and Chop House in Addison to enjoy a beautiful steak with a side of this Meyer lemon pie.

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