Kettle Art Annual Fundraiser February 3rd


For the Love of Kettle is one of the most highly anticipated events of our year. This One-Night-Only, annual fundraiser keeps Kettle Art Gallery operating in the black, allowing them 51 weeks a year of eclectic, North Texas based, cultural programming. Over one hundred and fifty, 9 x 12 works will be available for just $50.00 each, created by artists that exhibit & support this gallery. There are no previews or pre-sales available to anyone, so arrive early for your place in line. The doors open at Saturday February 3, 2018 at 7:00pm.

This year artists include Nick Glenn, Judith Lea Perkins, Sharonna Penson, Jennfer Gregory Portz, Andrea Davis, Justin Clumpner, Luan Luu, Katrina Rasmussen, Michelle Dekkers, Gigi Kalmon, Kelly Jacobi, Emily Yandell, Andrea Rumi, Duke Horn, Andrew Ramirez, Walter Land, Christina Ramirez, Victory, Sully Ridout, Erin Curry, Hilda Lafleur, Corey Godfrey, Jayla Wilkerson, Olivia Cole, William Bubba Flint, Maria Haag, Jordan Edwards, Karen Parrish, Stephen Caramona, Jasmine Blake, Alex Stock, Julie Boland Kennedy, Johnny Hawkins, Emily Hawkins, Tasha Moore, James Bevard Hargrave, Michael Owens, Raine Devries, Karen Eliza Aguilar, Jamie Walters, Shari Sandri, Frank Campagna, Thomas Sandri, Paul Pena, Sabrina Kirk – Caldwell, Bernie Ulrich, Angelica Monour, Cecilia Jimenez, Sarah Lucas, Jonathon Davis, Kelly Saunders, Joseph DeLeon, Jessie Martinez, Steven Reeves, Erin Reeves, Brian Crawford, Viktor Ortix, Daniel Yanez, Erica Guajardo, Robert Garza, Diana Almand, Ernest Curry, Candice Lindsay, Pamela Deitrich, Darek Sanchez, Jennifer Lafleur, Colin Lafleur, Kimberly Meadows, Brad Albright,Kathleen Mekailek, Cara-Noel Noggle, Steve Rainwater, Jasmine Donnell, Bill Rogers, Minji Kang Watrous, Miguel Aguilar, Dani Kent, Loughridge Murrel, Richard Ross, Jenna Schmidt Wilson, Suzy Migdol, and many more.



Kettle Art is a gallery space located in the heart of Deep Ellum. Deep Ellum has been a hotbed of Dallas art and music for decades past. Following in the spirit of this creative, unique neighborhood, we are committed to providing a venue for local and emerging artists to show their work. The Kettle is run by artists, for artists, on a purely volunteer basis.

Kettle Art opened in November of 2005. Started as a collaboration between Frank Campagna & Kirk Hopper, they looked to bring back life to the streets of Deep Ellum by focusing on the area’s artistic heritage.

Teaming up with a host of artists over the years, that is exactly what they have done.

Kettle Art brings the best of emerging local artists to a venue that allows them to learn & thrive as they continue developing their talents.

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