Eat Me: Mole Enchiladas at Mr Mesero

mr4by Steven Doyle

Mr Mesero located at 4444 McKinney Avenue has this sparkling fresh menu that is incredibly good, and different than your average enchilada. The space is replete with  a dozen four-top tables and has an additional communal table outside that seats about twelve people. It is tiny, but effective. Parking is ample with an all day valet service for those so inclined.

Interesting enough, Mesero sports a full bar, with swirl margaritas that are quite potent. The small restaurant becomes a lounge after 10pm, staying open late for cocktails and mingling.  



As for the food, I really enjoyed a few dishes including brisket tacos (that expertise runs in the family) and mole enchiladas. Be sure to ask for a flight of salsas that include Pulla, Jalapeno, Toreados and Habanero y Tomate. The Toreados is  made with pan fried Serranos and onions. the hottest is actually the Pulla which is made with a roasted Puya pepper and woodfired tomatoes.

There are a few choices in enchiladas including a cheese, a pork chilorio sauce served with green rice, and our favorite, the roasted chicken enchiladas with salsa de mole served with white rice. The mole sauce is smooth, creamy and pungent. Absolutely worth the price of admission alone. 

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