Father’s Day Grilling Fun

DSC03592by Steven Doyle

This Father’s Day CraveDFW has partnered with The Meat Shop, the sole outlet for the Rosewood Ranches’ certified all-natural, hormone-free, antibiotic-free, grass-fed, and grain-finished Wagyu Beef. This beef makes for a terrific day by the pool, sharing with friends and family, and certainly to celebrate Dad.

Before our party started we stopped in at The Meat Shop, located in a tiny European-style market at 4410 West Lovers Lane. Here you will find freshly butchered cuts of glorious beef, Droc pork (typically found on better menus at your favorite restaurants), all-natural chickens, house-made charcuterie and smoked meats, and a selection of cheeses. 



In addition to the case of meats, The Meat Shop also offers a variety of sandwiches which gives the shopper a chance to relax and enjoy lunch while sipping on a variety of beers or Dublin soft drinks. Since I was acting delivery boy for the day I ordered up a very special lamb pastrami Reuben and smiled while my order was being prepared. The sandwich was nothing short of amazing and was make with their house pastrami and sandwiched between a beautiful marble rye and given the panini press treatment.


Soon my cuts were handed to me and I was off to the grill where chef TJ Lengnick from Dee Lincoln Prime was waiting for me poolside. I handed off the steaks which consisted of a ribeye, a strip steak, a tenderloin and an inside skirt steak.

Chef Lengnick was on the ready as we prepared some sides (The Meat Shop also has these for added convenience). I made potato salad and deviled eggs, while chef made a beautiful bean salad and his new fiance Laurie treated us to her potato casserole dish.

TJ prepped the beef by bringing the steaks to room temperature and seasoninging simply with salt, pepper and a bit of olive oil. He blazed the gas grill on high and left the cover shut allowing for maximum heat. Soon it was time.




The steaks went on with a sear. Lengnick was looking for a crowd pleasing medium rare which meant in the case for our steaks about 6-7 minutes on each side allowing the grill to do its work. Soon the beef was ready to pull and were allowed to rest for about five minutes each. A larder cut might require more time to allow the meat’s juices to redistribute and retain maximum flavor.

Since we had one of each steak (supplemented with sausages and chicken) the chef sliced the beef to allow everyone tastes of each. The Meat Shop sausages are simply the best.








We all had our favorite cuts but the strip steak was tops for me. It had the over-the-top richness of a ribeye, a bite like a tenderloin and that distinct meatiness of the strip which was finished with grain so it had that buttery flavor so many enjoy.

Have a happy Father’s Day! Celebrate with the guy who first taught you to grill, throw a baseball, tie your shoes and to love life.

The Meat Shop is open Wednesday through Saturday from 10am to 8pm, and Sunday from 12pm to 6pm. This gives you more than enough time to place an order, grab a sandwich and anticipate the very best beef sold in Dallas. And thank you Chef TJ Lengnick from Dee Lincoln Prime for your poolside expertise.


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